The Biomechanics Team involved in PIONEERS is a research team of ICube (The Engineering science, computer science and imaging laboratory) a key lab of Strasbourg University covering all Engineering, Image processing and Computation Science. This Laboratory is also associated to CNRS the “Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique”. Our team is constituted by a pluri-disciplinary management group of 15 researchers including PhD students. The group comprises specialists in mechanics and in legal medicine.

The general research area is the characterisation and modelling of the human head-neck system under physiological and extreme acceleration, including impacts and the coupling of human body models with protective systems. Most of the aspects related to head-neck protection assessment are addressed, i.e. modelling, injury mechanism and tolerance limits investigation. Several generations of human head-neck finite element models have been proposed by our team. New head tolerance limits have also been defined, published and presented at ISO meetings as well as EuroNcap meetings. Our group has all experimental and computing facilities needed for dynamic analysis of mechanical structures. In addition to the headneck system our topics were opened to the liver organ in close collaboration with IRCAD, an important lab located in Strasbourg and working in the domain of liver cancer and which has the relevant facilities for animal testing.

As a whole our Biomechanics Lab intends to develop Human Body Models dedicated to the assessment of injury risks to be transferred to end users in the industrial domain. The main results obtained are the model based brain injury criteria in terms of axon strain and the transfer to industry of the SUFEHM (Strasbourg University FE Head Model). This head model has been coupled to an advanced neck model and further coupled to THUMS in the context of the EU project Safe-EV.