The main goal of the PIONEERS project is to improve the safety of PTWs by providing an integrated approach to rider protection considering on-rider (PPE) and on-board systems.

In order to fully exploit the capabilities of forward-looking safety equipment for PTW users, PIONEERS aims have a short-term impact on their safety by:

  • OBJ 1. Prioritizing the most safety-critical accident scenarios and developing methods to identify relevant future safety issues.
  • OBJ 2. Developing improved injury criteria to assess the injury risk on the most critical body regions.
  • OBJ 3. Designing field-effectiveness driven test methods (virtual and physical) with a high degree of reliability and repeatability to assess current and future safety systems under realistic impact conditions and to provide input to the standardisation groups (e.g. CEN).
  • OBJ 4. Defining the system requirements of the PPEs and on-board safety systems of the future for optimal rider protection.
  • OBJ 5. Developing the new generation of PPEs and on-board safety systems (prototypes).
  • OBJ 6. Developing advanced design tools and improved products by establishing minimum performance requirements to better inform the final user and to differentiate high-quality European products from products that offer a lower level of protection.