D.P.I. Safety is focus only on designing, producing and selling airbag protector for human body. The Company has more than 20 years of experience (founded in 1996). Internally were invented special technical solutions (Patented) focus on producing high protective performance airbag systems which can be comfort worn and inserted in different kinds of garment. After more than 10 years of testing the technology was ready to be produced and sold. Actually the totally production line of the airbag systems is based in the headquarter in Italy. The commercial name of the airbag system technology is MOTOAIRBAG (for this field) and it Certified as Protective Airbag for Motorcyclist EN1621/4:2013

D.P.I. Safety sell also the airbag technology separately to several garment Producers for their Branded airbag protective Garment collection. The Company is CEN162/WG9 active member since 2001 as motorcyclist airbag expert. Actually the Company is one the most important player as mechanical/electronic triggered airbag system producer in the world. R&D department has internal Lab and it is always focus on developing new airbag solutions for the safety of the motorcyclist.

Web: www.motoairbag.com