Automòbil Club Assistència, S.A. Unipersonal (ACASA) is a company of the Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC) group, which is a non-profit-making organization dealing with the promotion of motor sports, the provision of services to its members as well as the advice, information, protection and advocacy of end users’ interests (drivers, pedestrians), the improvement of road safety, sustainable mobility and environmental protection, these tasks being carried out either through its different departments or through co-operation agreements. ACASA is the company of the RACC Group dealing with the direction, organization and management of assistance services and operations for RACC members.

RACC is an end-user company (motoring club-around 1.000.000 members) with a long experience conducting experience and evaluating the results considering different aspects like acceptance and end-user experience together with other mobility related topics. Regarding communication RACC carries out every year dozens of press releases and press conference to the media in Spain, organizes expert workshops, and publishes technical articles for consumers in its monthly magazine (500,000 households in Spain). Racc is as well in close contact with other auto clubs (among others is member of the FIA), this networks could be used for disseminating surveys, news etc around Europe.