IDIADA, as a global partner to the automotive industry, provides complete solutions for automotive development projects worldwide. IDIADA’s Technical Centre is located 70 km south of Barcelona (Spain), having 55 subsidiaries and branch offices in several European, Asian, African and American countries, with a total work force of more than 2,200 employees.

The core services provided by IDIADA are: Engineering, Proving Ground services and Homologation. Main fields of engineering activity are powertrain, emissions, noise & vibration, fatigue & durability and active and passive safety.

IDIADA develops a major role under the frame of Euro NCAP, representing the Catalan Government in the Board of Directors and being the only laboratory fully accredited for executing all tests under the safety programme. Furthermore, the company, in its capacity as technical consultant for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT), holds the representation of the Spanish Government in several bodies dealing with automotive research and regulation, such as EEVC (European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee) and UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Working Groups. In the same way, IDIADA is member of several working groups where safety standards are developed (GRSP, ISO), thus permitting the acquisition of a complete view in the field of safety.

IDIADA has a long experience as an Official Technical Service for European Homologation as it is a type approval agency officially empowered for European vehicle and systems homologation and it is accredited for the whole list of European EU Directives and UN/ECE Regulations applicable to vehicles and components.

Additionally, IDIADA has also a high level of international recognition even in non-European countries: South America, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, etc. It is able of carrying out tests according to standards valid for self-certification (USA, Canada, and Australia).

IDIADA has wide experience in R+D projects and activities at a national and European level. R+D activities are performed targeting two main objectives. First of all, carry out investigations and developments that allow positioning IDIADA before its competitors, offering new testing methodologies or new development solutions. Also, R+D is seen as the best tool for dissemination of the activities an capacities of IDIADA. IDIADA has participated in the last four framework programmes for innovation coordinated by the European Commission. IDIADA’s participation in innovation activities has exponentially