Alpinestars is a manufacturer of clothing and protective gear for motorsports and action sports, founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo, in Asolo, Italy, and now leaded by his son Gabriele. Originally focused on Shoes and Boots, the present product portfolio of Alpinestars covers all technical protective gear, mainly for motorcycling (such as boots, gloves, jackets, and full leather suits), but also for Formula One, WEC and NASCAR, mountain Biking and surfing. Alpinestars Mission has always been to promote safety and protection on motorbike and dynamic sports in general. This brought the company to be one of the world leader brand in protective gear, with a big presence not only in Europe but also in US and worldwide. From 2015 Alpinestars is on the market with the TechAIR electronic airbag, capable of protecting the rider from the first impact against an obstacle.