FINAL EVENT in Barcelona

On 28 and 29 of September we held our Final Event in Barcelona. Project Partners shown the solutions developed and explained the main conclusions. It was a great closing for a great Project! [...]

PIONEERS digital campaing Results!!!

Digital Campaign results are available!!! The campaign was on going from July 27 to August 14. It was activated in Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Videos were available in the 4 main european motorcycle markets: [...]

PIONEERS digital campaing is on going!!!

From July 28, the PIONEERS digital campaign is running!! The objective of this campaign is to show end user (European riders) the solutions developed in the Project. The campaign will be running two weeks [...]

Preparing our digital campaign

During June PIONEERS Project has been shooting some material that will be used for our digital campaign. These scenes have been recorded in the facilities of several of our partners. In a few weeks [...]

Workshop with ACEM held on 28th may

Some partners of PIONEERS Project (From Ducati, Piaggio, Universty of Florence, Motoairbag, IDIADA and RACC) made a general presentation of the Project. It was an honor for PIONEERS. We want to thank Veneta Vassileva [...]

Airbag system tested!

In February 2021, some testing of Motoairbag Airbag system was made in IDIADA Facilities. PIONEERS Project tested the performance of this PPE solution. Some pictures and video are available. [...]

PIONEERS testing boots

During  January PIONEERS tested Alpinestars boots in IDIADA facilities in order to assess the behavior of the boot in inversion / eversion and flexion / extension movements on ankle. Some pictures and video are [...]

PIONEERS on the track: Testing Pre-Crash Braking

Testing to answer these questions: Which is riders’ acceptance of an automatic pre-crash braking system, aimed to reduce PTW speed when the accident is unavoidable? Which are riders’ reactions at system deployment? We [...]

Status of the Project, November 2020

It is time to explain what the status of the PIONEERS Project is in November 2020. Below is the activity that we have carried out from the beginning until now and the work that [...]

PIONEERS 6th General Assembly (Online meeting)

PIONEERS project is ongoing. The 6th General Assembly of PIONEERS project was held on 10th november 2020. Because of COVID-19 situation, it was an online meeting. More than 30 people attended in the General Asembly. [...]

PIONEERS Workshop with ACEM – Project Status

On March 17, 2020, PIONEERS Project organized a videoconference workshop with ACEM atendees. During it, the latest developments in the project were reviewed with the aim of seeking ways of collaboration. Thanks ACEM! [...]

Body Regions defined by PIONEERS Project

The main goal of the PIONEERS project is to improve the safety of PTWs by providing an integrated approach to rider protection considering on-rider (personal protective equipment, PPE) and on-board systems. To achieve this [...]

Where do you think there are more impacts?

One of the main topics in our Project are Helmets. PIONEERS project has investigated which helmet areas show more frequently damages / contact points. From the analysis of the available data from France, [...]

PIONEERS 4th General Assembly (Brussels)

The 4th General Assembly of PIONEERS project was held in Brussels on 02/03 October 2019. During the first day the leaders of all Work Packages explained the status of each WP. On the second [...]

PIONEERS 3rd General Assembly

The 3rd General Assembly of PIONEERS project was held in Salon de Provence, France on 04/05 June 2019. During these 2 days the leaders of all Work Packages have updated status of each WP. [...]

PIONEERS presentation in ITS Spain

During 1st-3rd of April ITS Spain organized the XIX Spanish Congress of ITS. PIONEERS Project was there and presented a general overview of the project to the audience, that was composed by Spanish authorities, [...]

IRCOBI 2019: Pre-conference workshop by PIONEERS

Conference Europe 2019 - Workshop PTW Protective Innovations of New Equipment for Enhanced Rider Safety: How to improve rider safety developing new Personal Protective Equipment and On-Board Safety Systems, improving the validation and assessment [...]

PIONEERS 2nd General Assembly

The 2nd General Assembly of PIONEERS project was held in Florence, Italy on 28/29 November 2018. During these 2 days the leaders of all Work Packages have presented the status of each of them. [...]

PIONEERS – Studying the needs of motorcyclists

Collecting information from users (September and October 2018).  PIONEERS project has organized some Focus Groups in different countries (France, Italy, Spain and Australia) to understand rider needs. In the picture, one of the sessions helded [...]

PIONEERS 1st General Assembly (Kick-off)

The PIONEERS project was kicked-off in Santa Oliva, Spain on 23/24 May 2018.During the 2 days of meetings, the leaders of the work packages have presented the most relevant aspects of each of them.The pillars [...]