IFSTTAR is a French Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment (EPST). With an overall budget of 103M€ in 2012, Ifsttar counts over 1100 employees. Since 01 January 2020 IFSTTAR has been integrated into the Université Gustave Eiffel.

Its research interests include environmental, durability, health and security issues in transport infrastructures and means of transportation. Recognized as a new reference organization in the international arena, Ifsttar conducts applied research and expert appraisals in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and urban issues, with the aim of improving the living conditions of citizens and, more broadly, promoting the sustainable development of our societies.

IFSTTAR is heavily involved in many European networking initiatives, such as FEHRL (Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories), HUMANIST (Human Centred Design for Information Society Technologies) or ETRA (European Transport Research Alliance). IFSTTAR is heavily involved in the European Research landscape with more than 50 projects in progress (FP7 and H2020).

Web: www.ifsttar.fr/en/welcome/