In the first part of the activity, a literature review of existing information on rider needs was carried out. A survey conducted in Milan in 2016 during the EICMA motorcycle fair was analysed and we investigated the results of a survey conducted in a large number of European countries within the EC RIDERSCAN project.

The main conclusion:

The most used PPE in Europe are, in descending order, helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, trousers and back protection

In the second part, 12 Focus groups were conducted in 4 different countries (Australia, France, Italy and Spain). In the 3 Focus Groups conducted in each country, we divide the participants into 3 categories: Leisure riders, Commuter riders and Pillion riders.

Considering the results of the 3 European countries, we have found 4 common points:

  1. In general terms, Leisure Riders declare a higher attention to safety measures than Commuter Riders.
  2. In the three countries, the most important PPEs for Leisure Riders are helmet and Jackets with protections.
  3. Commuter Rider’s attention to Safety Measures depends on their experience as Leisure Rider. Commuter Riders that are also Leisure Riders have higher awareness of the need for safety measures than Riders who are only Commuters.
  4. From Pillion Riders opinion, safety is not the most important when they want to purchase some PPEs: recognized branding, comfort or aesthetics prevails.