It is time to explain what the status of the PIONEERS Project is in November 2020.

Below is the activity that we have carried out from the beginning until now and the work that we have to do in the coming months.

Step 1.

PIONEERS Project partners have done a deep analysis of accidents and we have defined the 4 main body regions we have to protect to minimize accident consequences in riders.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Project partners have designed on-board systems to offer maximum leg protection: A leg cover reinforced and side airbags

Step 4.

PIONEERS Project have defined a wireless communication standard between PPE and the vehicle to increase the effectiveness and market penetration of instrumented PPE like airbag jackets.

Most of the work is already done, the work that we will do in the following months is:

1) Show the prototypes
2) Test them to ensure they comply with what is expected
3) Calculate the benefits of using these prototypes
4) Teach them to the final audience to increase their awareness

We will continue giving news in the coming weeks …