Project Description

Newsletter Number 3

(October 2021)

Welcome to the Third Newsletter of the European ‘PIONEERS’ Horizon 2020 Project!

October 2021 is the last month of PIONEERS lifespan. Therefore, it is time to share the last results of the Project. In this Newsletter you will find 3 news regarding the activity made during the last year of the Project.

In this newsletter you will find brief explanations about the 7 solutions developed within the project aimed to improve rider safety. After that, it has been included the results from the evaluation of some passive safety systems from two perspectives: Safety performance and economics benefits of implementation of these solutions. Finally, some information about Final Event held in Barcelona in 29 of September is available.

But before that, you will find an editorial that talks about Beyond PIONEERS.

Enjoy your read!

Ricard Casalins

(Dissemination manager)

Editorial: Beyond PIONEERS

The project has finished, PIONEERS has carried out all the work that European Commission had commissioned. Project Partners are very satisfied with the results achieved and PIONEERS Consortium believe that all the objectives that we been achieved.

But if someone asks: Is there still work to be done to improve the safety of motorcyclists? The answer is YES.


7 solutions developed within PIONEERS aimed to improve rider safety

During the second half of the PIONEERS lifespan, the Project has developed the solutions that have been identified in the first half.

On the one hand, PPE industrial partners of the project worked in parallel tasks at developing enhanced PPEs for the four main regions of the human body addressed by the project, which are head, upper torso, pelvis and lower legs

O the other hand, achieved results in terms of on-boarding systems are two demonstrators for lateral impact mitigation installed on vehicles: namely safety leg cover suitable for scooter type vehicles and motorcycle side airbag.


Safety performance and economic benefits

The implementation of the PIONEERS’ main results will contribute to reducing PTW fatalities and injuries by defining test methods to develop protective systems and on-board systems to reduce impact severity.

In order to assess if this major conclusion of the PIONEERS project is being fulfilled and to quantify the benefit, an Impact Evaluation has been developed in this document. This evaluation concerns both economical and safety benefits (in terms of avoided or mitigated accidents, reduction of morbidity and severity of injuries) of the following proposed PTW safety countermeasures that have been developed in PIONEERS:

• Pre-Crash Braking System (PCB)
• Airbag jacket and the PTW-PPE communication system
• Motorcycle and scooter leg protector


PIONEERS Final Event (Barcelona)

On 29 of September of 2021 PIONEER Project held its Final Event in Barcelona. The open activity was focused on three acts:

  1. A conference press addressed to international media.
  2. A conference press addressed to Spanish media.
  3. A general presentation aimed to European stakeholders.