Project Description

Newsletter Number 2

(March 2020)

Welcome to the Second Newsletter of the European ‘PIONEERS’ Horizon 2020 Project!

The PIONEERS Project has just passed the halfway point of its expected duration, and we already have many interesting conclusions to show.

In this Newsletter you will find an editorial that talks about collaboration, which in our opinion is one of the keys to success, you can also read a very interesting interview with Jorge Viegas (FIM President). After that, we present the results from our road traffic accident data analysis. Finally, a recommendation is included: make an ISO 13232 review.

Enjoy your read!
Ricard Casalins
(Dissemination manager)

Editorial: Collaboration, the best way to success

In our first newsletter, the editorial was about the main endorsements of the PIONEERS Project. As explained there, from our point of view, the strength of PIONEERS is based in the methodology and the Consortium composition. Now it is time to talk about another of the engines that moves the Project: the Collaboration, as a best way to success.

As we understand, collaboration is the work done from different parts to achieve one common objective. Often these parts have different expertise and different view, even sometimes they have particular objectives. But the key is to have a common higher objective.


Interview to Jorge Viegas (FIM President)

PIONEERS Project has interviewed Jorge Viegas, the objective is know better the new president of FIM (Just one year since)

“The performance of safety systems (PPE or OBS), the use of these measures and the training of drivers and riders are equally important to improve the safety of motorists”

Jorge Viegas (FIM President)


Results from our road traffic accident data analysis

During its first year and half of life, the PIONEERS Project has analysed several European accident databases to understand the detailed characteristics of accidents involving powered two-wheelers (PTWs).

This in-depth study has allowed the PIONEERS Project to focus its efforts on the most frequent or most shocking situations for the motorists.

Guidelines for the policy making: It is necessary ISO 13232 review!

One of the objectives of PIONEERS is to develop guidelines for policy making. To this end, the most critical scenarios identified in our road traffic accident data analysis have been compared with the ISO13232:2005 standard.

The ISO13232:2005 standard, ‘Test and analysis procedures for research evaluation of rider crash protective devices fitted to motorcycles’, sets out a set of configurations of PTW-to-car impact scenarios to be tested in full-scale crash tests, first developed in 1996 and revised in 2005.