Project Description

Newsletter Number 1

(July 2019)

Welcome to the First Newsletter of the European ‘PIONEERS’ Horizon 2020 project!

It’s one year since the PIONEERS project started. The time has gone quickly and now is the moment to send our First Newsletter.

In this e-mail you can find the main endorsements of the PIONEERS Project in our editorial, you can also read a very interesting interview with Aleix Espargaró (MotoGP rider). After that, we present the results from our research into rider needs regarding safety measures. Finally, you can see an invitation to a workshop organised by PIONEERS the day before IRCOBI (in Florence).
Enjoy your read!

Ricard Casalins
(Dissemination manager)

Editorial: Methodology and consortium composition: the main endorsements of PIONEERS

PIONEERS is a H2020 project that has three main objectives: higher understanding of how to prevent injuries to PTW users, better testing methods enabling better performance assessment and better products (on-rider and on-board systems) from European manufacturers, achieving an increased safety level of PTW user safety and improving European competitiveness.

The main results will contribute to reducing PTW fatalities up to 25% in 2025 by defining test methods to develop protective systems and on-board systems to reduce impact severity. All the developments explained before will strengthen European leadership in the PTW industry.

To reach these objectives PIONEERS is based on two endorsements: the methodology and the Consortium composition.

Regarding Methodology, a project fully dedicated to PTW safety needs to tackle the issue putting the user (rider) at the centre. Four main pillars growing up from vulnerability and low use of protective systems are built around the figure of the PTW user with the objective of enhancing the four most critical areas in PTW safety.

The first pillar is to achieve a deep understanding of the injuries sustained by the PTW users in motorcyclist accidents. With this knowledge we can work in the second pillar, which is to increase the performance of safety systems. The third one is to develop better test and assessment methods, since it is necessary to verify that new safety systems really prevent injuries. Finally, the fourth pillar is to increase the awareness and the usage rate of PPEs among motorcyclists.

The PIONEERS project will work on these 4 pillars in the above order to ensure that each pillar is supported on a solid base. With this methodology we have a closed circle that should allow us to achieve higher PTW safety.

The second endorsement of PIONEERS is the Consortium composition, that is laid down by 16 partners that work in different fields: universities, research institutes, PTW manufacturers, PPE’s manufacturers, engineering companies, users’ organizations, etc. Therefore, the Consortium fully covers the entire scope of the Project.

In addition, the consortium is very well positioned and has strong links with the identified stakeholder groups: manufacturers, academia, public authorities, standards development organisations and end users (Riders). In geographical terms, members of PIONEERS are strongly established in the 4 most important markets in Europe: Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

Finally, PIONEERS partners have strong connexions with the most important motorcycle associations: ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles), CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) and with FIM (Fédération Internationale deMotocyclisme).

In summary, PIONEERS project has all the ingredients to achieve the objectives. Therefore: It is time to get to work!

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Interview to Pol Espargaró

The PIONEERS Project has interviewed a MotoGP rider: Pol Espargaró.
The objective is to know how sensitive MotoGP riders are to safety.

“Year by year safety has been considered more and more important, and the experience is also good to understand which is the best material, and you learn to take care about this in detail.”

Read the complete interview here:

Pol Espargaró in Assen GP (2019)

Firsts results from our research into safety needs

We have researched the riders’ needs regarding safety measures.

Through the organisation of several focus groups in different countries: Australia, France, Italy and Spain, we have analysed the rider’s point of view.

You can find the main results in this link:

IRCOBI 2019:
Pre-conference workshop by PIONEERS

PIONEERS Project will organise a workshop in Florence the day before IRCOBI main activity.

Conference Europe 2019 – Workshop PTW
Date & time: Tuesday 10 September, 13.30-17.00
Location: IRCOBI venue, Firenze