Pol Espargaró’s interview with PIONEERS Project

"Year by year this part safety meeasures have been considered more and more important, and the experience is also good to understand which is the best material, and you learn to take care about this in detail."  PIONEERS Project has been lucky enough to be able to interview Pol Espargaró. Pol Espargaró is a [...]

Pol Espargaró’s interview with PIONEERS Project2019-07-03T17:41:52+02:00

PIONEERS presentation in ITS Spain

During 1st-3rd of April ITS Spain organized the XIX Spanish Congress of ITS. PIONEERS Project was there and presented a general overview of the project to the audience, that was composed by Spanish authorities, transport companies and research entities. Here you can find the PIONEERS presentation (In Spanish language): Presentación Proyecto PIONEERS [...]

PIONEERS presentation in ITS Spain2019-07-01T17:48:45+02:00
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